Who we are and what we're looking for

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Our History

firstminute capital was founded in 2017 by Brent Hoberman and Spencer Crawley.

Its heritage is rooted in two decades of entrepreneurial track record.

Brent was co-founder and CEO of, co-founded in 1998 with Martha Lane-Fox. The business went public in 2000, after being operational for 21 months, in an IPO offering 43x oversubscribed. In 2005, was acquired by Sabre for $1.1bn, one of Europe's first exited unicorns.

The following year, Brent co-founded an initiative to convene successful technology founders in Europe, to brainstorm about big ideas. Twelve years later, Founders Forum has become one of tech's deepest and most long-standing ecosystems, attracting superstar founders, heads of state, academics, thought-leaders and investors.

In the years that followed, ancillary businesses were spawned under the 'Founders' umbrella.

Today that group encompasses a digital consultancy (Founders Intelligence), a recruitment firm (Founders Keepers), a charitable arm (Founders Pledge) and Europe's largest incubator-accelerator (Founders Factory), as well as initiatives to help talented young people found businesses (Founders of the Future) and to champion women in technology (Accelerate-Her). These businesses have partnered with and advise a global network of founders, governments, corporates and non-profits.

firstminute sits as an independent cousin to these businesses, all situated together in the same open-plan office in High St Kensington in London.

It looks to contribute to and benefit from the reach provided by this wider group.

Our Investors

We raised $100m from a stellar roster of investors.

The fund includes 50 entrepreneurs, 30 of whom have founded billion dollar businesses.

It is reinforced by heavyweight global institutions in Atomico, Tencent and Henkel, as well as strategic CEOs, and entrepreneurial family offices with regional wingspan.
The promise made to these investors was that firstminute would search for the most talented technologists in the world. When we find them, we look to increase their chances of success by leveraging the weight of those that firstminute has partnered with.

In sum, we hope that the investors behind us and the ecosystem around us can help our founders gain an unfair competitive advantage - by giving them additional reach, insight and global credibility.

Our Investment Mandate

We typically invest in valuations of approximately £10m post-money, but will make exceptions above that when we can't resist.

We are a founder-driven fund, not a sector-driven one. We are intentionally opportunistic.

To date, we have backed founders across Europe, the United States and Israel. Our founders are working across a wide range of sectors, from robotics to cyber to healthcare to blockchain to D2C to SaaS to gaming to vertical AI.

They share one trait of being exceptionally ambitious and resilient founders building exceptional products.

If you feel you are one such founder, we would love to hear from you.