We partner early with founders and support them as they disrupt their vertical



Robotics United Kingdom

A robotics company on a mission to enable a revolution in manufacturing through simple and affordable automation.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Heist Nudes Mafaldasilva 1

Heist Studios

Consumer United Kingdom

Born with a single aim - to totally reimagine tights from design to delivery.

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner


Klang Games

Gaming Germany

A game studio building SEED, an MMO on a scale never before seen.

firstminute lead: Elliot O’Connor



Consumer United Kingdom

Delivering fuel directly and on-demand to your vehicle.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini



Energy United Kingdom

Building the foundational software-layer that transforms the way the world manages, monitors and monetises wireless power.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Vitro Labs@2X


Biotech United States

Developing the world's fist fully automated and scalable tissue engineering platform combining the latest developments in stem cell research, biomaterials and 3D printing.

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner

Twitter Banner Matthew Wright



Argent is the first smart wallet for cryptocurrencies and decentralised applications.

firstminute lead: Sam Endacott



Artificial Intelligence United Kingdom

Solving on-road autonomous driving through data driven end-to-end machine learning.

firstminute lead: Elliot O’Connor



Blockchain United States

Regulatory compliant solutions for Tokenised Asset Offerings (Initial Coin Offerings as securities) and subsequent secondary trading.

firstminute lead: Elliot O’Connor

Luther Systems@2X

Luther Systems

Blockchain United Kingdom

Works with corporations to streamline and improve the efficiency, reliability, and integrity of enterprise processes.

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner



Cybersecurity Israel

Specialises in cybersecurity for medical devices with a goal to protect healthcare centres from cyber attacks targeting networked medical devices.

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner


Evolution AI

Artificial Intelligence United Kingdom

Building enterprise-grade AI systems which perform high-volume 'document-work' tasks without needing explicit instructions.

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner



Enterprise Software United Kingdom

Helps employers and employees understand each other using artificial intelligence to analyse employee activity.

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner

Block Bathroom Renovation Startup 0

Block Renovation

Consumer United States

Beautiful, architect-designed home renovation packages delivered reliably from start to end.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini



Artificial Intelligence France

Nabla enables businesses to leverage AI by turning the latest academic machine learning research into scalable products.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Logo Padded2


Fintech United Kingdom

Providing institutional clients easy access to the digital asset market through a hybrid trading platform which blends centralised and decentralised technology.

firstminute lead: Sam Endacott

First Minute Banner Taegan Baxter


Fintech United Kingdom

Futrli is a forecasting and reporting platform for decision-making. Get all the answers about your business in one place.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Infraspeak Cover


Enterprise Software Portugal

Maintenance and facility management software

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner

Screen Shot 2018 11 26 At 16 07 50 Lucrezia Bisignani


Education & Entertainment Nairobi & London

Kukua is an education and media company building the first pan-African edutainment franchise built on Sema: an inspiring and magical media IP.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Hw Logo 2

Harness Wealth

FinTech United States

Harness Wealth helps clients identify financial opportunities so that can achieve the life and the legacy they seek to create.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Frame 2 Paulina Jóśków

Ramp Network

Fintech Poland

Building an open protocol powering peer-to-peer fiat to crypto exchanges.

firstminute lead: Sam Endacott

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Beauty France

Typology is building a new generation of digital first consumer brands starting with do-it-yourself premium skincare products. Typology's products are all made with very few ingredients.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Screenshot 2019 03 22 At 10 58 23 Devon Hedley


Marketplaces United Kingdom

Spreading floral joy is what we’re all about, in any medium! From the quirks of an individual stem or the vision of a flower-obsessed artist to our favourite bouquets of the week…

firstminute lead: Clara Lindh Bergendorff

Screenshot 2019 03 26 At 09 39 30 Timothee Noat


Fintech United Kingdom

Hedging station for the digital economy

firstminute lead: Sam Endacott

Copy Of Copy Of Kyra Logo Janet Carolan

Kyra TV

Entertainment United Kingdom

A New Age TV Network

firstminute lead: Clara Lindh Bergendorff



Robotic Foodtech United Kingdom

Karakuri is the leading provider of robotics, AI and automation systems for the $4tn restaurant and food services industry.

firstminute lead: Lina Wenner

Screenshot 2019 07 01 At 19 25 40


Wellness United States

ASYSTEM is a betterment company built for men. We engineer the easiest systems for you to look, feel and perform beyond your best.

firstminute lead: Clara Lindh Bergendorff


Agile Analog

Semiconductor IP United Kingdom

Agile Analog is automating the design of Analog IP enabling customers to accelerate the pace of semiconductor chip innovation and provide smaller, cheaper, more reliable and lower power solutions.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini

Screenshot 2019 07 01 At 19 21 13


Healthtech / Consumer United States

By making sperm collection and fertility testing easy and affordable, our mission is to normalize the conversation around male reproductive health.

firstminute lead: Clara Lindh Bergendorff

Screenshot 2019 07 01 At 19 17 08

Miss Grass

Consumer / Cannabis United States

Miss Grass is an elevated online magazine and e-commerce destination for modern cannabis consumers.

firstminute lead: Camilla Mazzolini