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Our History

firstminute capital was founded in 2017 by Brent Hoberman and Spencer Crawley.

Its heritage is rooted in two decades of entrepreneurial track record.

Brent was co-founder and CEO of lastminute.com, co-founded in 1998 with Martha Lane-Fox. The business went public in 2000, after being operational for 21 months, in an IPO offering 43x oversubscribed. In 2005, lastminute.com was acquired by Sabre for $1.1bn, one of Europe's first exited unicorns.

The following year, Brent co-founded an initiative to convene successful technology founders in Europe, to brainstorm about big ideas. Twelve years later, Founders Forum has become one of tech's deepest and most long-standing ecosystems, attracting superstar founders, heads of state, academics, thought-leaders and investors.

In the years that followed, ancillary businesses were spawned under the 'Founders' umbrella.

Today that group encompasses a digital consultancy (Founders Intelligence), a recruitment firm (Founders Keepers), a charitable arm (Founders Pledge) and Europe's largest incubator-accelerator (Founders Factory), as well as initiatives to help talented young people found businesses (Founders of the Future) and to champion women in technology (Accelerate-Her). These businesses have partnered with and advise a global network of founders, governments, corporates and non-profits.

firstminute sits as an independent cousin to these businesses, all situated together in the same open-plan office in High St Kensington in London.

It looks to contribute to and benefit from the reach provided by this wider group.